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Chicago Non-Disclosure Agreement Attorney

Employers in Chicago frequently require their employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to being hired. This type of legally binding contract is used as a tool to protect trade secrets. It does so by preventing a previous worker from providing other organizations with access to confidential/proprietary information that may give them a competitive advantage. However, these contracts can be a burden on an individual’s ability to earn a living if the employer unreasonably restricts them from seeking new job opportunities.

Speak with one of our experienced Chicago non-disclosure agreement attorneys at Zoldan Law Group, PLLC, about the specifics of your situation. We can assist you in closely reviewing an NDA before you sign, to ensure that it is fair. Call (312) 980-9992 and receive a confidential initial consultation.

Chicago non-disclosure agreement attorney NDA

Why Choose Our Chicago Non-Disclosure Agreement Lawyers?

  • We have both the experience, and the knowledge needed to help you with a contract dispute or protect you, should you be accused of violating an NDA.
  • We have the resources to handle every task that your case demands.

What Activities Does an NDA Typically Cover?

Nondisclosure agreements can cover a wide range of topics, depending on the type of business. However, there are some common issues that an employer will address and restrict a former employee from doing after they leave a company, such as:

  • Working for a competitor
  • Soliciting business from the company’s current or prospective clients
  • Revealing sensitive information, such as trade secrets
  • Communicating with current employees

A well-written NDA or confidentiality agreement will be very specific, or else it runs the risk of being invalidated by a judge. Agreements typically last less than two years, restrict unfair competition in a limited geographic region, and cannot place unreasonable limits on an employee’s ability to find work.

When Would I be Required to Sign an NDA?

There are typically three points during employment when you may be asked to sign an NDA:

Upon Hiring

You may be asked when you are hired to sign an NDA or confidentiality agreement, to keep the company’s trade secrets or business strategies confidential. An NDA may also limit who you can work for next.

When Terminated

Employers are typically not under any legal obligation to make a severance payment. However, you may be asked to sign an NDA when terminated, in exchange for one. This strategy is designed to prevent you from disclosing the terms of the severance, and possibly that you received one at all. A severance agreement may also limit the conditions under which you can file a lawsuit against the company.

Settlement Agreement

An NDA is often used as a means to keep the terms of a settlement agreement confidential.

What Can You Do if a Non-Disclosure Agreement is Unjust?

If you signed an NDA with your employer, there are options for avoiding the harsh consequences that can occur if you are considering or have been accused of violating the contract. An attorney may be able to help you prove one or all of the following, for example:

  • The NDA is unreasonably onerous, or too anti-competition.
  • Your actions do not amount to breach of contract, so your former employer has no legal standing.
  • The NDA is not enforceable because it does not comply with Illinois law.

If you are accused of being in violation of an NDA, the burden of proof will fall on the employer, and it is high. Retaining a knowledgeable lawyer to represent your interests can help you resolve any disputes as quickly as possible, so you may move on to new employment.

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