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Chicago EEOC Lawyer

Employees who are treated unfairly in the workplace have the option to file a claim with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), if the acts are in violation of state or federal employment law. The law is designed to protect victims of sexual harassment, wrongful termination or employment discrimination in any form. If you think you are being mistreated at work, and that it rises to the level of illegal discrimination, contact The Zoldan Law Group, PLLC. We are a team of Chicago EEOC lawyers that can evaluate the facts and circumstances of your case then advise you on your legal options. Reach our employment law office online or by calling (312) 980-9992.

Why Choose Our Chicago Firm?

  • Our attorneys provide full-service support in an atmosphere of respect toward clients, other legal professionals, and each other.
  • We will efficiently and aggressively pursue every available option for the most favorable outcome for you.
  • Our legal strategy will be designed to your specific needs, with the goal of saving you time and the costs of trial.

How Does the EEOC Claim Process Work?

To pursue an EEOC claim in the United States, you or your attorney must file the charge of discrimination either in person, online, or by mail. The local office is located at the Chicago District Office. Federal employment law requires that you file the complaint within 300 days of the discrimination. Once that first step is completed, the Illinois department of the EEOC will investigate the incident, as well as notify your employer of the charges against them. It may then be determined that discrimination was present, no discrimination is found, or that there is not enough information to render a decision. Depending on their findings, the following actions can take place:


This is a voluntary negotiation process, in which all parties must agree to the resolution. It gives the parties the opportunity to informally put the charge to rest, and avoids trial.

Right to Sue

When an employee receives this notice, the EEOC found evidence that discrimination occurred, and allows the victim to file a lawsuit in federal court. Otherwise, the agency will file suit on behalf of the employee.

Dismissal and Notice of Rights

The case is closed, and a notification will be sent to the employee who filed the charge.

How Long Will It Take for the EEOC to Investigate?

Generally, the EEOC is allowed 180 days to resolve your claim. However, in some circumstances the EEOC may reach a decision prior to the deadline.

It is also possible for a settlement agreement to occur at any stage in the EEOC discrimination claims process. Additionally, the parties may choose to enter into mediation prior to an investigation being completed. Mediation can help parties avoid the cost and delay of a grueling investigation process, and on average takes 84 days. If successful, the charge will be closed, but if not, then an investigation will commence.

If the EEOC doesn’t find that any discriminatory act(s) occurred, the charges will be dismissed, but you still have options. We can assist you in exploring your next steps.

Work With A Chicago Employment Attorney

The EEOC process is valuable for obtaining justice, but it involves a complicated amount of paperwork and investigations. Your claim can be dismissed if your complaint isn’t framed correctly, adequately documented, or filed too late. Have you experienced discrimination, harassment, or an otherwise hostile work environment in Chicago? Contact us and speak to a Chicago EEOC lawyer today for quality legal advice. We offer confidential initial consultations that can be scheduled by calling (312) 980-9992 or via our online contact form.

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